Upon referral by the appropriate authorities and confirmation that the scene has been released and that any investigation of the scene is now complete, we go to the scene in a professional looking late model 1/2 ton truck towing a fully equipped 24 foot enclosed trailer.

We then enter the premises in full personal protective gear including respirator masks and begin by digitally photographing the entire scene for continuity purposes with regard to property ie: furniture, electronics, tools etc and premises condition.

We then do an assessment of the time that will be required to remove the signs of tragedy and return the premises to its former condition if required by the owner and/or insurance company. Upon commencing the cleanup we can if requested, and if the terrain permits tarp the area from the building to the trailer for discretion and your privacy.

In some busy locations it is advisable to mark off the area with "Bio-Hazard" warning tape to keep curious neighbours and bystanders at bay, usually this will keep everyone away from the area.

Some scenes may take a few hours where others require days to be completed efficaciously to ensure there is no possibility of contamination to other persons. In cases where machinery is involved we go about proper lockout procedures of the controls and power supplies of the equipment being decontaminated.

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